Lightning Aura Components Task

  1. Create your own full developer account in salesforce(Not trial).
  2. Set your time zone in your org.
  3. Draw high level diagram between component bundling.
  4. Create a simple component to display your own name.(Without any attribute)
  5. Configure all interface provide by the framework and use each interface in your component.
  6. Create a component name like ‘Button com’ and add buttons on it with all attributes.
  7. Create a component with button group to use all buttons on it.
  8. Create a component for input display into the lightning card.
  9. Create a lighting card with override the default functionality on it Custom
  10. Create a component and Try to add custom css in your component like



    Static resource

    Bundle style

  11. Create a component and try to add into the lighting tab.
  12. Create a component to add on record page of the account object.
  13. Create a lightning app and add a custom tab on it
  14. Create a component to add a quick action on it.
  15. Create a css file add into the static resource and use into the a component.
  16. Design a component looks like as:-
  17. image

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