Salesforce Flows Assignments and Task: Revision

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  • Create a variable that stores the Date of birth. 
  • Create a variable that is used to store multiple Opportunities records and their fields. 
  • Create a variable that is used to store one Opportunity record and its fields.
  • Create a variable to store the annual revenue of the customer. 
  • Use Case 1: 
    1. Fetch the Contact Record based on First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth
    2. Use the Set Component Visibility
    3. Display the Result Contact on Screen.
  • Assignment 1: Create one Basic Screen Flow and Add your flow to a Contact Detail page
    and Create Action Button on Contact Detail Page and show flow.
  • Assignment 2: Create a new Screen Flow.
    Add a Screen element.
    Drag the following components to the canvas:
    Radio Buttons
  • Assignment 3: Check the Image and Build Screen Flow with Input Components 
  • Assignment 4: Display Following Image on Screen
  • Assignment 5: 

    Create a new Screen Flow.

    Add a Get Records component.

    Configure the Get Records component as follows: (you only want to display contacts that DO have an email address).

    You will also sort them by Name

  • Assignment 6: Create Screen Flow see the following Image. If anyone click Add Another Contact Checkbox add record to collection variable and and insert/create collection record variable. 
  • Assignment 7: 
  1. Get the Account Record (we want the account address - only one record needed)
  2. Get all the Contacts related to our Account (store in a collection variable)
  3. Start our loop (input is the collection variable that holds all our related contacts)
  4. Check if the Contact Address is blank (Yes -> Step 5, No -> Step 3, next record)
  5. Assign the Account Address to the Contact Address (for the current record in the loop)
  6. Add the current record to our new Collection Record (contacts that we need to update) and
    -> return to Step 3, next record.
  7. When all records have been checked (our loop is complete), we update those records that we selected for an address update.
  • Assignment 8: Build the below flow and Discuss with you trainer
  • Assignment 9: See and Build the below for Update Records 
  • Assignment 10: See/Build the below flow. But in the Current flow we have one issue that In Get Record Element we are matching current date i.e today with Birthdate and this is not valid implementation as per business requirements. So Update/Create Formula Resource and Fix the issue in the Flow and Run and If you get results Show the output to Trainer.   
  • Assignment 11: When User will create in your org you have to send welcome email using flow.

- Send Email
- Create Contact Record with the help of User Details