Salesforce Summer 21 Release Updated in the Pre Release Org. #Salesforce #Summer21 #Features

    Aniket Kohale
    By Aniket Kohale

    Some Cool Features Coming in this release on Flows and LWC.

    1. Now, We can directly add the fields from the record variable instead of creating a new screen component in flow. Some field types aren't supported. Later in the flow, use a Create Records or Update Records element to save the field values in Salesforce.

    2. Now we have an option to Show / Hide the Governor Limits consumption details in the Flow Debug Screen

    3. Now we can Create Object-Specific Quick Actions with Lightning Web Component

    4. Now we can sort the collection by fields in #Flow and also we can specify how many Items to Keep After Sorting. the collection keeps the first items, up to the specified maximum, and removes the rest.


    Happy Learning..!!!

    We will post more summer 21 Release Updates.