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How to Design/ Customize login.salesforce.com

In this article, we demonstrate how to customize our login.salesforce.com page on the left and right sides as well as a domain name. We can choose a domain name according to our suitability. We would like to suggest you take a domain name that contains your company name.

Before we jump to the main topic, I would like to tell you some benefits of this customization.

  1. Block or redirect page requests that don’t use the new domain name
  2. Let users log in using a social account, like Google and Facebook, from the login page
  3. Highlight your business identity with your unique domain URL
  4. Work in multiple Salesforce orgs at the same time
  5. Allow users to log in once to access external services
  6. Brand your login screen and customize right-frame content
  7. Set custom login policy to determine how users are authenticated

What we are going to customize:

  • Domain name.
  • The left side of login page (logo plus background color).
  • The right side of login page.

First of all, you have to decide your domain name, our company logo, and what we have to display on the right side of the login page. After deciding to make a logo (The salesforce accepts Images can be .jpg, .gif, or .png files up to 100 KB. The maximum image size is 250 px by 125 px.) and make an easy and memorable domain name.

Firstly our login.salesforce.com Page looks like this

Now, we will change the Domain Name.

Login in your org as a system administrator and type in the quick find box My Domain. Then in My Domain Detail click on edit. For example, my Current My Domain URL is “lightningthor2-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com” and my domain name is “lightningthor2-dev-ed”.

Now click on edit to choose your domain name and check for availability. As you can see in the image my domain name is “SFTHOR-dev-ed” and now click on save After clicking on save you get one pop-up message so click ok.

As now our new domain is created salesforce will do some provision so it will take some time to activate, wait for some time and then refresh the page and you will receive a mail as soon as the provisioning process is completed.

Just click on “Deploy New Domain”. Your new domain is created now you have to login once again.


There are just standard policies provided by salesforce First is Login policy checkbox if you click that checkbox then you can’t log in with “login.salesforce.com” you can only login with your custom domain simply it will redirect the users.

We just completed our first task of customizing our domain.

Authentication Configuration.

Here in this section, we can edit our logo which will replace the salesforce logo, both the left and right side of our login page

Click on the edit button then one form will open as shown in the image below.

  • In Login Page Type select Standard.
  • check the checkbox of Authentication Service.
  • Choose the logo file.
  • Select background color (this color is applicable on the left side half page only).

Now our left side customization is completed.

For customizing the right side, we have to insert Right Frame URL (by default there is a salesforce website image is shown). On the right side, I will put my youtube channel SFDC THOR logo.

  • Firstly, go to App Launcher and find files upload an image that you want to show on the right side of your login page (here I will upload the logo of my youtube channel SFDC THOR).
  • There is a dropdown on the right side of the image, select a Public Link then there is a pop-up click on create link then there is again a pop-up again click on create and simply click on the copy link button to copy a link.
  • Now go to My Domain, in Authentication Configuration click edit, and in Right Frame URL pest this link.

  • As we enter the link now click on save.
  • Use the native browser for user authentication on iOS. If you check the check box then the iOS native browser will do authentication.
  • Use the native browser for user authentication on Android. If you check the check box then the Android native browser will do authentication.
  • Now just save and check the customization of your login page.

Here we have completed our whole process. Hope you get some knowledge about login page customization.

Here is how our customization looks like (and look at the arrow for our customized domain name).

Thank you

Sohel Mohammad Shafi Agwan.

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