How Can Small Businesses Grow Faster With Salesforce Essentials?

How Can Small Businesses Grow Faster With Salesforce Essentials?

Running a small business is not everyone’s cup of tea, if you are a small business owner you are bound to face challenges. As small businesses have limited numbers of resources, competing with enterprises is quite tough. Small business needs to face more challenges than enterprises, we never know how many years it will take a small business to get success or maybe it will be closed tomorrow. The biggest mistake that a small business can make (and they often do) is to make short term plans instead of long term plans. 

But if you are investing in the right technology to enhance your business, then not only you can scale more easily, but you can also actually grow faster. Now you are thinking how? We all know technology plays a vital role everywhere, and things are changing for good.  

There are more than 125 million small businesses around the world working with the same aim- “growth”. As small businesses have different requirements, Salesforce consulting companies provide assistance in Salesforce essentials for them. Salesforce essentials automate the business process and have benefits like easy to use, learn and handle, at an affordable price. So, small businesses can add new capabilities easily as they grow.

Before jumping on how Salesforce essentials can help business’ growth, let’s have a look at what Salesforce essentials are all about.

Salesforce Essentials built a strong customer relationship with combined sales and support which is mainly beneficial for small businesses. Through Salesforce essentials, Small businesses can start working from anywhere, knowing they have a tool that helps them stay connected with customers. 

Key features of Salesforce Essentials

Thanks to the availability of only the necessary features, intuitive Trailhead walkthroughs, and a setup assistant, the Essentials edition of Salesforce is designed so that teams can start using it almost at once. The solution provides access to streamlined versions of Sales and Service Clouds for its users.

Sales Cloud Essentials

  • Improve lead management and Email templates.
  • Easy Mobile accessibility in offline mode.
  • Customized dashboard with advanced reporting features.
  • Management of customer and sales data, with the opportunity to customize the sales process to the company's specifics, as well as to manage opportunities and tasks.

Service Cloud Essentials

  • Automation in case assignment.
  • Macro rules for repeating single cases.
  • Account management.
  • Opportunity tracking etc.

Few points that show How Salesforce essentials can help a business to grow faster:


Quick and Easy Implementations:

Due to low budgets, small businesses can’t afford much time on CRM platforms to streamline their complexity. But with Salesforce essentials, the implementation of Salesforce cloud CRM solutions becomes very easy. The company provides its users with access to the trailhead, a quick online platform to learn. This makes small enterprises use Salesforce essentials without the need of an IT expert.



The major constraints of small business are limited budget. They are not able to spend a large capital on an expensive CRM platform instead of that, they are looking for an economical way, and thanks to Salesforce essential who is heroic to handle the complexity of business services at an affordable cost. They will give you access to Sales Cloud Essentials for up to 10 users.


Moving to the cloud help you scale:


Although most small business owners trust the cloud, in fact, many of them are already using cloud-based technology to reach their full potential. As small businesses either grow in sudden or not at all. In this situation, the cloud ensures you scale without any impact on your customers. And on top of that, you can grow to meet the demands of a mobile world. You can add apps developed by some developers or by yourself that expand your functionality without any hassles.


Be more Efficient with Automation:


Automation is a great way for small businesses to work more efficiently and smarter, but many don’t use it. Why? Many small business owners are believing that automation is a big company's thing, wrong. Now, many tools are designed specially to make a more challenging workflow easier and automation that sends emails drives approvals and speeds almost every vertical of their business--from sales to marketing to customer service. If you can use it to save time on repetitive tasks and free up your team to focus on the bigger issues of small business growth.

AI Enhancement:


Most businesses have a wealth of data, but only a few can take advantage of it. According to the report, 90% of the world’s produce data in the past few years. So, AI is coming to the forefront and taking business growth strategies to strengthen productivity and customer engagementSalesforce essentials built with AI technology called Einstein. This smart technology will allow you to keep updating customer data in a short span of time that makes small businesses can close deals faster and generate more opportunities.

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The speed, scalability, customization, and intelligence of the Salesforce platform are not only limited to desktops. You can reach out and update your business data at any time from anywhere through the Salesforce mobile apps.

Closure: The cornerstone of innovation and economic growth is small businesses. Also, small businesses that do not have a dedicated team of IT experts can install Salesforce Essentials. It offers them all the requisite platform facilities to transform leads into paying customers.

Salesforce essentials are one of the leading CRM platforms that allow small businesses to get up and running on the Salesforce platform quickly and easily to add new functionality as they grow, acquire, manage and service more customers. It offers an exclusive range of services that can transform small businesses into a good one. If you keep an eye on costs as you expand, and remain within your data limits, this small business version of Salesforce is worth a try.

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