Salesforce Integration with Appian

Use case : When any Opportunity is created in Salesforce should be created in Appian

What we are going to do?

                We will create API in Appian first then we will do Configure of Salesforce and Appian and then call  Appian API through Salesforce.

Step I :- Create Web API in Appian

     1. Here we are creating WEB API in APPINa to call Process Model in Appian which insert Opportunity in  CDT(In Appian Database).


     2. After completing details click on "Create" Button then following screen will appear.


   3.  In above screen you have to select any template according to your requirement, here we have selected START PROCESS option, because we have to call process model which insert the opportunity in CDT.

   4.  After selecting option following screen will appear where you have to select the constant of Process Model.


5. After Selecting constant required is generated automatically as shown below.


6. Then save the web API, in this way web API is created.


Step II : Configure Third Party Credential in Appian Admin Console

1. Here we have to configure the Third party credential of Salesforce.
2. Following picture shows Third party Configuration.

3. Click on Create button to create new, after click following screen will appear.


4. After configuring all click on Test Connection and see the Result.
5. In this way the Appian WEB API creation and configuration is done.
Note:- Also check in setting option after clicking on user profile picture about third party credential option is configured or not .

Step III : Call Appian web API from External System

1. Here we are calling Appian web API from Salesforce.
2. Before writing any code in salesforce we have to configure the Remote Site Setting in Setup and create new as shown in following.


3. Now here we are writing trigger, batch and apex class as shown below and configure all appian credential in code while calling web API.







Note :-

1. Here in Request Header we have to pass ("Authorization", "Basic *********************") where star(*) denotes combination of username:password (username colon password)  encoded with Base64.

2. And we pass Request Body in JSON format as we configure it in Appian API.



Amit Behere

Note:- Need to Configure more things While calling Salesforce API through Appian, see you in Next Blog on "Calling Salesforce API though Appian"

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