In Financial Services Cloud Multiple Features are coming and One Best Features is 

Document Tracking and Approvals (Generally Available)


Streamline customer engagements by tracking documents and approvals for use cases like mortgage applications. Enable your customers to upload files and see the status of each document.

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Financial Services Cloud is available in Lightning Experience.

Available in: ProfessionalEnterprise, and Unlimited editions.

A document type defines commonly required documentation for completing a business process. Create a document checklist item for each file required from a customer. A customer or user then uploads a relevant file for the document checklist item, and the files are tracked through an approval process. Customers upload new versions of rejected documents and track the progress of their uploaded documentation from submission to approval.

Financial Services Cloud Upgrade Guide


This following Step by Step Process available on Salesforce Documentation. 

  • Assign the Document Checklist Permission Set
  • Update Opportunity and Account Page Layouts
  • Set Up Document Types
  • Allow Borrowers Access to Document Checklist Items in Communities
  • Update User Profiles
  • Create and Assign User Profiles
  • Set Up Sharing
  • Create an Approval Process

Read Complete Process on Developer Documentation

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