Salesforce announced its acquisition of Tableau approximately $15.7 billion. 

What is Tableau ?

Tableau is business intelligence tool it is used to analyses the data in the form of graphs, reports etc. It help us in simplifying raw data into the very easily understandable format.

Why Salesforce Acquired Tableau?

Salesforce and Tableau Integration related documents and guides are attached with this Article/Blog


Tableau Installation Guide:

In this document, you will learn about the Installation of Tableau.

Step 1: ​Download Tableau free ​14 days trial​.

Download Link -​

Enter your Business E-mail & then click on “​DOWNLOAD FREE TRIAL​” button & save “​.exe​” file.




Step 2: ​Run the downloaded ​.exe file​. Click “​Run​” button. After if you agree “​Accept the license agreement”.


Step 3: ​If you want to customize your Tableau Desktop, then click on “​Customize​” button. Finally, click on “Install​” button.


Step 4: ​Installation In Progress

Once the installation is completed, open the Tableau Desktop software.


Step 5: ​From Activation window, you may choose to ​Start trial now​. Also, if you have purchased Tableau then you may enter the Product key to Activate Tableau Desktop.


Step 6:  ​In the Tableau Registration Window. Provide your valid details & Click on “​Start trial now​” button.


Step 7: ​Registration Completed successfully.


Step 8: ​Home Screen of Tableau software. ​Now you are all set to use the Tableau Desktop for Salesforce & Tableau Integration.





After Installation We have to Integrate Salesforce and Tableau I attached all the screenshots and steps required for Salesforce and Tableau with the following pdf document

Tableau & Salesforce Integration Guide Click Here to download

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