• Salesforce Bot Integration with Whatsapp
    Hello frnzz, Recently I built a salesforce bot (similar to Einstein Bot) which can be accessed from whatsapp via Twilio application. Twilio is acting as a middleware between salesforce and whatsapp. Steps to configure: Configure twilio account with your credentials, it will provide the auth token and account sid. We also need to authenticate the mobile number in the twilio sandbox. https://www.twilio.com/console/sms/whatsapp/sandbox   Creating/Exposing a Rest API service in salesforce, where we have to define a doPost method. This method will accept a request JSON of whatsapp message. Creating a public site in salesforce and provide the site url as a webhook in twilio sandbox.   Create a platform event in salesforce that will help in communicating the messages from salesforce to whatsapp.   Now we are set with Salesforce and Twilio configuration, we need to configure a node application which will connect...

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