About Us

"SFDC Blogger" is an Open Community Blogger Platform and community forum of SFDC professionals interested to share their experiences, ideas, and thoughts or any content invaluable to help others in this domain.

About Founder

Mr. Aniket Kohale, Founder of "sfdcblogger.com". Currently Working as a Salesforce Developer feel the need of a common platform to transform information into a prime knowledge base among the community of technology professional which will help individuals to create an impact in their professional career. 

This also aims to build communication and collaboration among the community for easy transfer of knowledge which fulfills the information-sharing gap. 

This is the initiative to build a knowledge forum which will help individuals to share and learn from experts.

As a social contribution, This blogger platform is sponsored & managed by Informatrix IT Solution Pvt Ltd and responsible for technical support to sfdcblogger.com



Is to share valuable information to members and help them to grow in SF technology.


Is to build SFDC Knowledge Base for the community of people interested in this domain.